16 March 2015

Anniversary Art Challenge: Picture #4 - Fox in Socks

To celebrate our anniversary, my amazing artist husband, Phil, decided that he would do a 19-day art challenge, drawing one new picture every day for 19 days. And I thought it sounded like fun, so I jumped right on the band wagon and declared that I would write a silly, one-page story to go with each picture he creates during this challenge. Of course, I have to wait for him to finish each day's picture before I can write the story, so I should be one day behind him ... but I'm also really flighty, so I'm a few more days behind than that. (Today, I'm playing catch-up! There will be multiple stories & pictures posted throughout the day, and eventually, all of the pictures & my stories will be posted on my website.)

Day 4 was inspired by Dr. Seuss' FOX IN SOCKS, which was our son's favorite book when he was little.


"Chicks with bricks come. Chicks with blocks come. Chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks come."
– Dr. Seuss

Mr. Fox’s greatest pleasure in life was making rhymes. But grumpy Mr. Knox didn’t want to play the Fox-in-Socks Rhyme Game.

“I’ll show him how fun it can be,” thought Mr. Fox. “Everyone loves to rhyme!”

He gathered a group of chicks together and set them to work building stacks of bricks and blocks. They agreed to help, even though the three little pigs were really better builders. But when the fox tried to balance Mr. Knox on stacks of chicks and clocks, they decided that enough was enough.

“You can make a quick trick brick stack!” the chicks yelled. “You can make a quick trick block stack! Take your bricks and blocks and clocks back!”

Mr. Fox yelped and ran, ducking flying bricks and blocks and clocks. “That’s okay,” he said. “My friends Sue and Slow Joe Crow will help me teach Mr. Knox to rhyme.”

And he set off with a needle and thread to teach Sue how to sew.

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