29 May 2009

My novel is ready for a publisher!!

After months of anticipation, I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing and revising my novel, and I am ready to start shopping for a publisher!! I am going to start sending off query letters today. I'm posting my query here for your consideration as well. If you were a publishing agent, would this make you want to read my book??

Dear __________,
I suspect that we never truly see ourselves. We grossly undervalue our own qualities as we compare our own weakest traits to the strongest traits of our friends and acquaintances. Hello, My Name is Alaina is a 70,830-word novel about one amazing young lady who simply cannot see how terrific she is.

Alaina Andersen is beautiful, smart and funny. She is one of the most popular girls at Southbrook high school. When she looks in the mirror, however, all that she can see are her flaws. In her quest to be the perfect fairy tale princess, Alaina often feels more like a frog. She is certain that she will never be as popular as her best friend, Kendra, or as stunningly beautiful as her little sister, Andrea. Alaina is afraid that she might never be noticed. However, she knows that a frog can be magically transformed into a beautiful princess with the help of a True Love’s Kiss from the perfect Prince Charming. Shane Crawford has to be that prince. She knew it from the moment they met. What Alaina doesn’t realize is that kisses are only truly magical in fairy tales. In real life, the magic has to come from somewhere else.

I believe that Alaina's story is one that will resonate with a very large audience. After all, who among us hasn't looked into the funhouse mirror of our minds to come up with a distorted view of who we really are, failing to see the potential and great worth that is locked inside?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Veronica Bartles

What do you think? Did I catch your attention? Are you anxiously waiting to read Alaina's story? (Will this be the next "Twilight"-like craze???) They say that the query letter is just as important in the publishing process as the actual story, so I really would appreciate any input you have to offer! Thanks everyone!