02 December 2011

PiBoIdMo Winner!

I did it!  I finished the Picture Book Idea Month challenge with 32 picture book ideas.   Some are fully-fledged ideas, some are mere scraps of a wisp of thought, one has already grown into a full first draft.  I didn't finish all of my goals for November, but I'm excited to announce that I did, in fact, finish the PiBoIdMo challenge (which turned out to be much harder than I initially anticipated)!

In other news, I also entered the MeeGenius Author's Challenge.  Voting is now open, and if I win this challenge, my daughters' elementary school gets a library of ebooks!  Please stop by and read my entry PHILIP'S NEW PENCIL about a boy who simply couldn't complete his math test because his pencil wouldn't stop talking.  If you love it, please vote for me and tell all your friends!