21 January 2014

Pitch Wars ALT: VB-4 - GHOST FARM

MENTOR: Shannon Duffy
ALTERNATE: Wendy Parris
GENRE: MG Mystery
WORD COUNT: 33,000

PITCH: Twelve-year-old Rebecca follows ghostly whispers to an off-limits attic and discovers letters that hint at a tragic family secret. Now she must search a creepy abandoned farm to uncover the mystery—and stop the chilling ghost that stalks her every move.

The six-hour drive to Rebecca’s lame summer break crawled to an end. She shifted position, wincing as her sweaty legs peeled away from the hot leather seat of the car.


Even worse than the sticky heat, her head pounded along with the eighties music her mom insisted on playing, and the French fries she’d eaten for lunch threatened to push up into her throat. She focused on the horizon, going with the theory that would stop her dizziness, but the endless blur of green cornfields whizzing by only made her stomach churn more.

She opened the side window in case she had to throw up.

“We’re here!” her mom chirped from the driver’s seat, blazing sunlight glinting off her sunglasses.

“Yay,” Rebecca said, forcing excitement into her voice. She tried not to picture her friends water-skiing at Camp Birchdale, but they were there anyway, having a blast. Without her.

Sighing, she glanced out the window as the car bumped onto a long gravel driveway lined with masses of white and purple wildflowers. Ahead stood the old yellow farmhouse with its wrap-around front porch, a weathered barn towering in back. The familiar scene looked picture-perfect, like a movie set, and despite Rebecca’s dark mood, a smile crept across her face. Okay, maybe she was kinda excited to see her family.

A shadow suddenly flickered past her open window, making her flinch. She turned, expecting to see a bird flying off, but only empty blue sky hung over the acres of harmless corn.


A shiver skittered down Rebecca’s spine.

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  1. Hey, I think this sounds like something Bree Ogden might enjoy. Please send the full as a Word attachment to bree at d4eo dot com with the subject line #Pitchwars Request! Thanks!
    Jami Nord
    Intern for Bree Ogden