22 January 2014


MENTOR: Shannon Duffy
ALTERNATE: Carmen Erickson
CATEGORY/GENRE: Upper MG fantasy
WORD COUNT: 61,000

PITCH: At a mysterious school, Andy learns he must transform into a wild animal for the final project. Now he must choose—bail on his friends, or stay and trade in his skin for a fine coat of fur.

Had I known that joining the eco team was going to mean I’d have to leave my human life behind and turn into an endangered animal, I would’ve kissed Sarah Watson first. Because obviously I wouldn’t be able to do that once I was a lion.

My best friend, Bennett Henley, knew immediately that the eco team wasn’t a good idea. “Andy, they meet every Tuesday morning before school.” He groaned and sunk lower in his seat. Wrinkles formed on the bridge of his nose and his eyebrows flattened. “Do you really want to get up that early just to learn about plants and stuff?”

“Once a week for thirty weeks…thirty hours?” I scratched my head and narrowed my eyes. “I think I can handle that for the opportunity to be near Sarah.”

The reason I wanted to join was for her. For a girl who for years barely had known my name. Sure, it had taken her three years to learn it, but when she finally did, it was worth the wait. Instead of calling me Andy like everyone else I knew, she called me Andrew. And she said it like, “An-druuu,” as if she had just eaten a chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven.

“Earth to Collins.” Bennett snapped his fingers in front of my eyes. “If you really want to join the eco team, I’ll do it too.”

“You’re the best,” I told him, because Bennett = awesome friend.

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