12 March 2014

Twelve Days of TWELVE STEPS

We are now, officially, almost twelve days away from the release of my debut novel, TWELVE STEPS (counting by midnight eastern time)!

To celebrate, I’m having a twelve-day countdown celebration, with twelve exclusive teaser graphics (a new one each day), recipes inspired by the book, giveaways, sneak peeks, and more on each of the twelve days leading up to the release.

But I’m too excited to wait until tomorrow, so here’s a bonus teaser for you, right now!

 Be sure to check back tomorrow, and every day until March 25, for more!

Day #12: I share my playlist with you on YA Misfits' Band Geek Thursday

Day #11: Watch my book trailers & vote for your favorite on I Write for Apples blog

Day #10: Flash giveaway for exclusive TWELVE STEPS artwork

Day #9: Recipe for Crock Pot Giant Brownie Sundae

Day #8: Giveaway!!! Recycle-Knit Daisy Purse, Handmade by Veronica Bartles

Day #7: Exclusive reveal: A page from Veronica's teen diary!

Day #6: Twitter giveaways

Day #5: Exclusive first look at TWELVE STEPS' Chapter One

Day #4Giveaway!!! Ninja Unicorn "Movie Poster"

Day #3: A Thank You to those who may not know how much they helped with TWELVE STEPS - including my secret high school crush, who inspired my favorite supporting character.

Day #2: The inspiration for TWELVE STEPS

Day #1: Recipe for Crock Pot Chili Cheese Fries

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