03 March 2014

TWELVE STEPS is available for PreOrder!

A few days ago, my mom called to ask when my book would be available for preorder, so she could buy a copy for herself and share the link with others. I told her I didn't have any links yet, but as soon as I did, I would post them on my website and my Facebook author page.

Mom joked "You need to send me an engraved invitation for things like this."

So, of course, when I saw that TWELVE STEPS is now available for preorder on iTunes (for iOS devices - still waiting for other links to show up), I made one for her.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/twelve-steps/id827252817?mt=11And here is your engraved invitation, dear blog readers:

Click one of the buttons to go directly to the TWELVE STEPS page. And feel free to share it with all your friends!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Glad it finally went up like it should have last week!

    And I think it's great your mom fangirls your stuff just like my mom does mine. She cracks me up. ;-)

    Congrats on finally going live for pre-order!!!!!