15 March 2014

Twelve Days of TWELVE STEPS #10

My daughter decided that, since my book is called TWELVE STEPS, we absolutely have to do something to celebrate the release for each of the twelve days leading up to the big day. So of course, we have lots of fun family celebrations planned, all linking to our favorite scenes and the lines that make us grin. However, as we were planning our activities, we realized that most of our celebrations only make sense if you've read the book. And we didn't want to spoil the surprise of our favorite scenes by explaining all of the inside jokes. But of course, we wanted to include all of you too!

So each day for the next twelve days, we'll be sharing non-spoilery favorite quotes with a new teaser graphic every day. And each day, I'll share something special and book-related with you as well: recipes, sneak peeks, giveaways and more!

Speaking of mistakes, one of my biggest fears with TWELVE STEPS was that I would forget to mention someone important in my acknowledgements. So I went over them several times, and even had my husband and kids read them to make sure I wasn't missing anyone. ... And I still forgot to mention a very important person! I realized my mistake too late to change the text (I realized it literally minutes after sending my absolute final approval for TWELVE STEPS), so I wanted to thank her publicly here:

Trish Larsen was the amazing photographer who took my author photo. Years ago, when I was writing my first draft of my first manuscript, she read a few pages. And she loved it. She was convinced, long before I knew that I had something worthwhile, that I was going to be a big-time famous author one day. Trish was just building her photographer portfolio, so she offered to take some pictures of me for my Facebook profile picture. And midway through the photo shoot, she turned her camera to show me the picture she'd just taken. "This one will be your author photo," she said. And of course, that's the photo I chose to use when I became a real author. :)


Thank you, Trish!!

Today, I'm having a Flash Giveaway on my Facebook page. Like my page and tell me your favorite musical, and one lucky commenter will win a signed print of this picture of Andi, drawn by my amazing artist husband, Phil. I'll choose the random winner at 9pm mountain time (11pm eastern) tonight!!


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