22 January 2014


MENTOR: Veronica Bartles
ALTERNATE: Toni De Palma
CATEGORY/GENRE: MG contemporary
WORD COUNT: 33,000

PITCH: Meggie knows Wanda’s miracle-making business is crazy. But when her sister is born prematurely, Meggie’s desperate for a miracle. As Wanda’s assistant, maybe she can learn to make magic and become her sister’s superhero.

Mrs. Jacobi stares hard at the clock. Her eyes drop, but she doesn’t look at us. A glossy brochure with a picture of a cruise ship sits on her desk. She touches it and sighs.

“There’s still a half hour to kill. Why don’t you tell me about your summer plans?”

“I’m going to Girl Scout camp for two weeks,” Shelly says.

“Very nice,” Mrs. Jacobi says.

My ears go up. Girl Scout camp is where Kelsey is headed too. Kelsey and I are BFF’s, but when she asked me to come to camp, there was no way. Not with Dolly coming in two months. I’ve got way too much to do.

“I’m going to visit my uncle in Georgia so I can keep out of my mother’s hair. She doesn’t want me giving her a nervous breakdown like I did last summer,” Paul Bascom says with a grin.

She continues down the rows. Randy Hobbs is pulling weeds for his grandmother, because she said she’s paying him. Krista Barker says she plans to read a book a day and Tim Tumulty rolls his eyes.

Then it’s Wanda Huffnagle’s turn. This ought to be good.

For the first time in a long time, Wanda sits up straight. “I’m going into business.”

Everyone snickers.

“Is that so?” Mrs. Jacobi says to her. “What kind of business?”

Who cares? The more Wanda rambles on, the less time I’ll have to tell everyone about my new baby sister. There’s still so much to do before Mom gives birth.

“I’m going to sell people miracles,” Wanda says.


  1. Toni - Love your writing. The kids, and teacher, in that classroom felt totally real. Great dialogue and perfect page-turner at the end. Wonderful job!!

  2. Thank you Naomi! I love your story too. Good luck and hugs!

  3. I'd like to take a look at this. Can you send me your query and first 25 pages? Queryemily at forewordliterary dot com. Thanks!