29 July 2013

BIG News!! (or The Day My Story Became a Book)

So, this happened today:
 Actually, it happened a few days ago, but it was announced today. ;)

I feel like my head and heart are going to explode. This is such a dream-come-true! (I'd add one of those dancing .gif thingies here, but I've not yet actually learned how to do those. Just imagine me dancing. Because I am.)

It's been quite the roller-coaster ride to get to this point, and I'll share the full story soon (when my brain calms down enough to let me form a full, coherent thought). Until then, I've noticed that everyone always shares their statistics in announcement posts like this... So here are my stats for TWELVE STEPS:

Contests Entered:4
Queries Sent: 15
Requests from Contests: 3 full, 10 partial (4 of the partials were later bumped up to fulls)
Requests from Queries: 1 (full)
Form Rejections: 13
Personalized Rejections: 8
No Reply: 6

And I'm so happy to announce that I've signed with Swoon Romance to publish my YA Contemporary Romance TWELVE STEPS in March/April 2014!!! :D