05 March 2012

March Kindness - Updated Rules! - Win a Handmade Basketball Necklace!


After much thought and consideration, I've decided to alter the rules for my March Kindness contest.

You can enter in one of TWO ways:

1. Leave a comment here about an act of service that YOU perform for SOMEONE ELSE


2. Leave a comment here about an act of service that SOMEONE ELSE has performed for YOU!

The act of service doesn't need to be big or spectacular.  Trust me, the littlest things sometimes seem monumental to the person who receives the kindness.  (My husband doesn't think his decision to alter our anniversary plans so I could take a step toward my writing goals was a big thing, but to me, it was HUGE!)

If you need ideas for the kinds of March Kindness acts of service that might mean the world to someone, check out this article (or read Jason F. Wright's amazing book, Seventeen Second Miracle)

Don't forget!  Small acts of service can lead to big rewards!  I can't wait to send my pretty necklace to one of you :)

(See the post below for ways to get extra entries in the contest)


  1. I took cookies to my neighbor and some friends!! Love doing things for other people!!