02 March 2012

March Kindness - Win a Handmade Necklace!

A little act of service can make someone's day!

The backstory:  Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in a Pitch Workshop with Brenda Drake, Shelley Watters, & Cassandra Marshall.  Unfortunately, I got distracted with my daily Mom chores and novel revisions, and I missed the deadline to submit for the workshop.  :(

But all was not lost! I was thrilled to see that I'd have another chance to enter my pitch for the March Madness Agent Pitch Match... Until I noticed that they would be accepting the first 50 submissions sent at noon EST on March 2nd.

My anniversary.

And my husband had already taken the day off of work to spend the day with me.

I wanted to cry when I realized I'd missed my second chance, before I even got to try, but my sweetheart takes priority. I couldn't cancel on him, when he'd already gone through so much trouble to plan the perfect day!

... And here's how I know my dear husband REALLY loves me:

Without giving it a second thought, he scrapped all of his plans for our anniversary and announced a new plan: He would help me get my pitch ready and sit with me while I watched the clock, so that I could hit "send" on my email submission at precisely noon. 

My submission was one of the first 50, so I got in!!  Now, I'm anxiously waiting to hear if I make it through the slush pile to advance in the Agent Pitch Madness...

But while I'm waiting, I have to celebrate!  I made this super-cute, March Madness-inspired necklace out of recycled plastic bags (and a cute basketball bead).  I want to give it to one of you!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Perform an act of March Kindness for someone you know - some act of sacrifice on your part to help someone else reach a personal goal.

2. Leave a comment on this blog to tell me about your act of kindness.

3. Make sure let me know, in your comment, how many bonus entries you are eligible for!

4. Be sure to leave your email address, so I can contact you if you win!

Bonus entries:
   * Follow my blog (+1)
   * Follow me on twitter (+1)
   * Tweet about the contest & your good deed with the hashtag #MarchKindness (+1) - be sure to tag me, so I don't miss your tweet!
   * Share the contest on Facebook (+1)

I will put all of the entries into a hat and have my dear husband draw a name on March 13th - the first day of March Madness.  Good luck!!!


  1. What a sweet contest! I coach high school speech, giving up a lot of time to help my kids reach their goal of going to State. Does that count? :)
    Good luck with the pitch contest! Did you make it in?

  2. Of course that counts! That's a wonderful way to serve someone :)

    I didn't make it to the next round of the pitch contest, but Brenda Drake is absolutely amazing, and she took time out of her busy day yesterday to give me some valuable feedback to help me with my pitch, so I still feel like I came out a winner :)

  3. Rachel, did you get my email? You won, but I need your address so I can send you the necklace. You can click the "email me" link on my blog to send me a message.


  4. That's great that you got some feedback from Brenda! She's so helpful. :) I did get your email and I just responded. I haven't been online much lately. :-P So busy! Thanks again!