03 August 2008

Waiting Impatiently

Well, we finally got all of our paperwork in and signed and in order for the medical clearance on July 14th. It took forever, because every time we turned in everything that was asked for, they came back with something else that they needed before they could process the application. We've been working on this since February!!!! Anyway, when they called me in to once again sign things and finalize the application on the 14th, Ssgt. Torab (the NCOIC for the medical clearances) told me that it would be sent to Korea immediately - either that day or the next, and they would put a rush on it, so we should have an answer within 2 or 2 1/2 weeks. That was 3 weeks ago, and we didn't hear a word. I know, I know, patience is a virtue, but after all of the other times that I waited and waited only to hear, "oh, we couldn't process this because we're waiting for this other thing first," I didn't really want to take any chances.

For the last week that Phil was here (he went back to Korea on the 30th of July), we called several times a day to try to get ahold of Ssgt. Torab and find out the status. We left message after message with no response. Finally, we decided that we probably weren't going to find out anything on this end. That actually made it easier to say goodbye to Phil on Wednesday, because I was certain that he would get back and find an answer waiting for him about our command sponsorship. Not so. There was nothing, and he couldn't get ahold of anyone there either!

On Friday, I went into the clinic to try to track down Ssgt. Torab in person, because that was the only way I was able to get ahold of her before (she doesn't seem to answer her phone or return messages at all). Well, guess what? Ssgt. Torab is on leave right now. I talked with Ssgt. Williams, who is filling in for her in the meanwhile, and surprise, surprise, Ssgt. Torab hadn't sent in our application!!!! Ssgt. Williams had discovered it on the desk just that morning and sent it all in, but of course, with the time difference, it was already Saturday in Korea. That means that no one will even see it until Monday morning. Then, they have 2-3 weeks to review it before they make any kind of decision!

I'm trying to be patient, but I am really having trouble with this. I've been in a major funk for the past few days, and I'm having trouble getting anything done. All I want to do is sit and read books or watch movies - anything to escape thinking about reality. But, of course, I can't do that. I have too much to do. I have to get ready to move in a couple of months, because even if we don't get the command sponsorship, we will be moving in a few months. It's hard to do, because a move to Korea will take different planning than a move to Maryland, but somehow I have to try to get ready for either possibility, because by the time they make a decision, it's going to be really rough to get everything together if I haven't already started, you know?

Anyway, I know that everything will work out the way it's supposed to - I just wish I had some clue as to what that outcome would be!!!

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