21 August 2008

Too Many Commitments - I Think I Should be Committed!!

So, here I am at 2:00 in the morning again. Why do I always find myself sitting here in the wee hours of the morning, typing jibberish when I should be in my bed, sleeping soundly?

I was just reflecting today on all of the things that I have to do in the next couple of months to prepare for our upcoming move. There is so much to be done around this house! And I have to be all packed and ready to go by the time Phil gets home from Korea, so that we'll have enough time for our drive across the country in the middle of winter (what if blizzards close the roads and it takes longer than we anticipated?) - He will get a few days of permissive TDY to look for a house when we get there, but I'd rather use that time to actually find a place to live, rather than spending it just to get to the area!! Anyway, when I look around this house and see everything that needs to be done, I honestly don't know how I will do it all by myself!

Meanwhile, my parents have planned a really fun, unofficial family reunion for the week of Labor Day in Las Vegas and San Diego. I had plans to go all summer - and now, come to find out, I have 4 doctor's appointments (one is actually for Becky) on the 4th, 5th and 8th of September. (I hadn't been concerned, because when I agreed to go to San Diego, what I heard was "Labor Day" - so I was thinking that the plan was for the week leading up to Labor Day, not the week following the holiday!)

Throw in 2 brothers who are getting married this fall. Robert and Jenn are planning to get married in November (in Vegas), and Mark and Mary are planning their wedding for December (in Cheyenne). I just found out that Mark is actually changing his wedding to the 29th, rather than the 19th of December, which is good, because that means I won't have to take the kids out of school in order to go. But I have to take them out for this Labor Day trip and for Robert and Jenn's wedding. This is stressful in itself, because the "excused absences" policy here is pretty strict. Basically, if you're not sick enough to go to the doctor, it's not excused. Even a death in the family is only excused if it's the immediate family!

But aside from the school issue, I'm starting to worry about the time that I'll have to take out of everything for all of this travelling back and forth. Somehow, I have to fit the actual packing in... and find time to spend with friends, because we'll all be so sad if we leave without even getting a chance to say goodbye to the people we've grown so close to over the past 7 years here at Beale... and still keep up with homework and church callings!

I'm stressed enough tonight that I spent several hours wandering from room to room, trying to decide which task to tackle first: Should I try to get caught up on the laundry? Maybe I should change the litter in the cat's box first? Would it be better to give the kitchen a good scrubbing? The computer room is getting pretty cluttered. Should I organize that first, since it's the first thing people see when they come to our house? - You get the picture. The point is, I was so stressed about trying to figure out what the starting point was that I never actually got started. Now, it's so late, and I really don't want to stay up all night long to clean, so it will all get pushed onto the back burner.... (That ol' back burner is going to burn out soon, if I don't get it together!!)

But I can do it. I know that the Lord will help me to figure it all out, and to start, I will just have to go on a schedule tomorrow... I'll start with cleaning up the cats' area, then put in a load of laundry. While that washes, I can take the kids to school and have breakfast (not necessarily in that order, although it's not unlikely). Then, I can change the wash and get started on this cluttered computer room, while a housing maintenance contractor comes by to fix the doors on the girls' closet (the track is so broken that it's not actually fixable, so they're removing them - and I had to go through all sorts of hoops to get that approved!) After lunch, hopefully, I'll have time to get the kitchen to sparkle before the kids get home from school. (After that, the house will be too chaotic to try to fit in scheduled catch-up tasks!)

So, if I'm going to dig in and get to work tomorrow, I had better tuck myself in and go to sleep tonight!! Thanks for listening!

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