31 July 2015

Final Hours in the Auction to Save our House!

Once again, I'm overflowing with gratitude for the support and encouragement we've had regarding our efforts to save our house. The second auction, hosted by Emily Moore, has another great group of items available, and the auction actually had to be extended because the item donations kept coming in even after the bidding had started!

There are only a few hours left in the auction (it runs until noon pacific time - 3pm eastern today - Friday 31 July), so I thought I'd post a quick list to make it even easier to find the perfect item for you.

Here are all the awesome items up for bid …
Critiques by Agents:
 Signed Books:


 Full Manuscript Critiques:
 Marketing, Social Media & More:

Auction Item #6 - Marketing Consultation by Dea Poirier

Auction Item #21 -  45-minute phone consultation with Tobie Easton

Auction Item #29 -  Social Media Platform Analysis + First 50 Pages Critique by Carrie Ann

Auction Item #25 - Online Platform Graphic Design Package by Veronica Bartles

Auction Item #26 -  Swag Graphic Design Package by Veronica Bartles

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