16 August 2013

Where to Find Me

I haven't posted much on my blog this week, because I've been busy building my brand new Author Facebook Page, reorganizing my website and taking care of a bazillion little things that go along with a book deal that I'd never even thought about before. I'll be getting back on track with a semi-regular schedule soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd give you some links, so you know where to find me around the web. :)

My website: http://vbartles.com
Twitter: @vbartles
Pinterest: Veronica Bartles
Goodreads: Veronica Bartles
YouTube: Veronica Bartles
Linked In: Veronica Bartles

I'm also an administrator/blogger for Sub It Club, and a member of OneFour KidLit.

And, of course, you can always Google me. My name is unique enough that you can always find pages and pages of my blog posts, recipes, etc. just by searching for my name. (Speaking of recipes... I have a delicious Crock Pot Gourmet creation to share with you all soon - maybe even tonight, if I have time to format the post!)


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