21 November 2012

Thankful for My Amazing Husband! (More Disney / Star Wars mash ups!)

Okay, I was planning to save this post for Thursday, because I already have another post coming later this afternoon, and I'm trying not to overwhelm you with my inability to be quiet, but a twitter conversation this morning (following another twitter conversation I had over the weekend) emphasized once again how incredibly blessed I am to have my super-amazing and ultra-supportive husband.

I mean, seriously guys, a man who will spend two full weeks drawing pictures for me, just because I said I wanted to see some really funny Disney/Lucasfilms mash ups? A man who cheerfully washes the dishes and the laundry AND cleans the cat's litter box, because he knows I don't like touching dirty things? A man who just last night offered to smash and "kill" the little silk flower I found in my dresser drawer, because in the dim light of the bedroom and with my overtired, overactive imagination, I thought it was a spider? A man who does all these things for me, while totally supporting my writing and reminding me several times a day that this is not just a "hobby," but truly IMPORTANT WORK? Yeah, this man is amazing!!

And sometimes, I feel a little bit guilty about all the bragging I do, because I once caused some serious hard feelings among our small group of friends when all of the other wives started asking their husbands "why don't you ever do things like that for me?" and all of the husbands started asking my sweetie if he could please just tell me to shut up... But really? I'm just not going to stop talking about how amazing this guy is. Because the thing is, he works really hard to show how much he loves me. And I appreciate it. And I don't ever want him to think that I don't notice.

Besides, who wouldn't want to brag about a man who could do this?

Disney / Star Wars Villains

Yeah, Leia is my favorite... No, wait, Obi-wan is my favorite...
No, Philip Bartles is my favorite! ;)

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  1. I love <3 the owl Obi-wan/Merlin has on his shoulder!! Go Archimedes!
    Emily <3