08 November 2012

Sticks and Stones

Everyone knows the old adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." It's catchy and memorable and it makes an easy reply whenever you need to let the local bully know that (s)he is being mean.

Unfortunately, the old adage is totally false.

Scrapes and bruises heal, but an unkind word can hurt so deeply that the scar it leaves will never go away. And just like untreated scrapes and broken bones can lead to infections and serious health issues, untreated meanness can fester and spread until it poisons your soul.

Today, I am extremely grateful for amazing friends (@NHNovelist,  @BrendaDrake, ‏@KimberleyGLittl, @AngiNicole722, @branwrites to name just a few) who stepped forward to bandage my broken heart when an acquaintance recently made a thoughtless, off-handed comment that reduced me to tears. Because laughter really is the best medicine. And knowing that you have friends who care and love you, and who make you smile when you want to cry... That's even better!

(I'm adding one more thing to my Yes-I'm-Crazy-But-I-Have-to-Do-it-All schedule for this month. Brenda Drake is hosting a Thanksgiving Blog Hop, which perfectly coincides with the purpose of this blog: to remind myself to be thankful for the trials I face daily. So you can expect little "here's what I'm thankful for today" posts to pop up from time to time throughout the rest of this month.)

* This blog post is brought to you as a part of the Thanksgiving Blog Hop


  1. Aww, honey, I'm happy to be there anytime. This writing thing is a tough road. It's best traveled in packs. ;)

  2. Exactly. Who says writing is a solitary sport?

  3. Make sure you email me anytime the world gets you down. I'm always here to help you get back up again. :)

  4. See what I mean, guys?? Friends are the best blessing you can have! Ashley, Susie, Brenda... You all rock! *Hugs!!*