14 November 2012

Book Review: SKINNY by Donna Cooner

One of my favorite books this year, I think SKINNY by Donna Cooner should be required reading for every teenage girl... and everyone who knows someone who is a teenage girl!

Fifteen-year-old Ever Davies has a secret. Skinny, the dark voice that whispers in her ear, tells her every mean thing that her classmates think about her. Ever knows that, at three hundred pounds, she’ll probably never be loved, and Skinny is determined to make sure she never forgets it. Ever wants to try out for the school musical, but Skinny reminds her that fat girls like her don’t belong on the stage, and so her beautiful singing voice might be forever silenced. Partly in hopes of trying out for the next musical, and partly because she wants to be healthier, Ever decides to undergo risky gastric bypass surgery to help her shed the excess pounds. With the help of her best friend and support of her family, Ever begins to slowly lose the weight, but the surgery isn’t enough. Skinny still sits at her shoulder, whispering reminders that, no matter what she does, Ever will never be good enough to be worthy of love.

Ever’s story is a must-read for every young girl who struggles to accept her own body, and the parents, teachers and friends who love them. Cooner paints a vivid picture of the insecurities that plague almost everyone from time to time, whether those insecurities come from an unhealthy body image or fear of failure or any one of the many other reasons we all find to hate ourselves sometimes.

And as Ever learns to face her own inner demon, readers may find the courage to look for the beauty inside themselves as well.

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