24 April 2012

Confidence and Creativity

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you forget to remember that you can't do it. 

Luckily, I have lots of friends and family members who forget about my limitations on a regular basis, and I've discovered many hidden talents as I've worked to accomplish the things that my loved ones simply assume I already know how to do.

Need a custom-made hat in the shape of a U2 spy plane? 

Someone to fix your leaking toilet or install a new ceiling fan in your bedroom? 

Your favorite earrings broke and you need someone to fix them for you? 

Your daughter has egg allergies.  She feels left out at Christmas time when all of her friends are decorating sugar cookies, and you wish someone would invent an eggless sugar cookie recipe? 

School starts in two days, and you just found out that the dividers for the stalls in the newly remodeled pre-K bathroom won't be in until next week.  You need a temporary solution in place by tomorrow?

No problem.  "I bet Veronica can do that for us.  She's good at figuring things out."

Sometimes, it's a little overwhelming, the way everyone simply assumes that I already know how to fix whatever problem they're facing.  And I've thrown my share of temper tantrums as I stomp around, complaining to anyone who will listen, about the mile-long list of tasks I have on my over-full plate.  Because, really, my time is valuable, after all.  I can't really afford to take time to do all of these things!

And yet, I'm grateful for the challenges.  I've learned so many valuable skills - things I never would have even attempted, if someone hadn't simply assumed that I already knew how to do it.

What super secret skills are you hiding from yourself?


  1. I am finding a world of opportunities by volunteering, reaching out and helping nonprofits and good causes. I think it has broadened my perspective and taught me new skills.

  2. Volunteering and acts of service are the best ways to learn skills you didn't know you were capable of :)