03 February 2010

Does This Make You Want to Read More?

Alaina Andersen is witty, warm and wonderful. Her best friend, Jarod, worships her, and everyone knows it but Alaina. The most popular boys at Southbrook High School want to date her, but she thinks that they are only teasing. When Alaina looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see the popular, playful and pretty girl that all of the other girls long to be. She sees a shy, unattractive band geek who has never had a real boyfriend and can’t find the courage to try out for the school play. As she compares her biggest weaknesses with her friends’ greatest strengths, Alaina fears that she will never measure up.

If only she could win the heart of Shane Crawford, her “Perfect Prince Charming!” He is tall, dark and handsome, with hypnotic blue eyes and a smile that could melt glaciers, and Alaina knew the moment she saw him that he was the White Knight she had been waiting for. She is certain that Shane holds that magical key to unlock her inner worth.

Alaina has read enough fairy tales to know that a magical kiss from the prince can work miracles, and she has felt like a frog for far too long! But in the real world, kisses aren’t always magical and princes aren’t always perfectly charming. Eventually, Alaina must learn to create her own enchantments by looking for the beauty she has buried within.

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