09 December 2013


As we enter the Christmas season, and advertisers everywhere try to convince us that 'tis better to receive than to give, I present to you a picture book for toddlers that emphasizes the true, giving meaning of the season.

LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS by Katie Davis (illustrated by Jerry Davis) is a cute picture book perfect for reading with your little one while curled up on the couch together by the Christmas tree. A sequel to LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY, this book tells the story of Little Chicken's anxious wait for Christmas morning. He's excited about one present in particular. Not a present from Santa under the tree, but a present he made for his mama. I love the message that the best part of the holiday isn't in what you get, but in what you give to others.

I received a review copy of this book from Katie Davis, and when I read it through quickly, I thought it was cute, but I have to admit I wasn't rave-to-all-my-friends impressed.
But then I sat down with my children and read the story to them. The sparse words allowed them to fill in their own observations on the story, and they noticed things in the illustrations (an expression on Little Chicken's face, or his untied shoelaces, for example) that I had totally glossed over. The read-aloud experience pushed this book from a four-star to a definite five-star rating in my mind. This is a perfect book for reading over and over again with your children. (Even my teenage son got into the fun!) The story may evolve and change as your child's ideas and interests mature, making it ideal for a wide range of readers.

And through December 12, every purchase of Little Chicken's Big Christmas  will come with a FREE download of a Write Your Own Story Coloring Book! It's the entire book as coloring book - a great gift in and of itself or to go with Little Chicken's Big Christmas. Just email your receipt to support@katiedavis.com and you'll be sent the link to download!

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