28 December 2013

Book Review: DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON by Bill Cotter

DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON! by Bill Cotter was a fun, silly read-aloud book that left my whole family in fits of giggles. 

Larry's book has one rule: DON'T push the button! (Seriously, don't even think about it!)

But as soon as someone tells us DON'T, we automatically want to try it. And eventually, everyone knows we're going to push the button. But when we do, all kinds of mayhem occurs.

When I got a copy of this book from NetGalley to review, I giggled my way through it twice on my own, and then gathered my family together and read it to them as well. DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON was cute and clever, with the same feel as the classic THE MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK, where the child is invited to participate in the story by reacting to (and disregarding) the instructions of the narrator. It brought back happy memories of my own childhood story times as I read together with my children. Even my teens and husband wanted to read it again when we were through! This is definitely one we're putting on our "we must purchase a physical copy of this book" list! 


  1. This sounds great! And I can definitely relate- my almost two yr old always does exactly what I tell him not too!

    1. :) It's the age. They like to push the limits and try new things, to see how much they can accomplish on their own - while still enjoying the security of firm rules. <3