01 May 2013

It's Apparent I'm A Parent

So my blog has been fairly neglected for the past week. I had plans to post a yummy Crock Pot Gourmet recipe last Thursday, and I had all sorts of thoughts and random nonsense to share with you... but sometimes life gets in the way of the best plans. As you know, my first priority is always my family. And this past week has been super busy on the Mom front. Blogging, writing and recipe creation had to take a back seat for a while.
What have I been doing instead?
I spent 2 afternoons taking my daughter to Alamosa Books (our favorite independent bookstore here in Albuquerque) with her friends, so that she could film the scenes she needed for her "movie trailer" video book report project. (She needed a "library" setting for the scenes, but the only days available for our filming were the days that the public library was closed. We're so grateful for the friendly staff at Alamosa Books who allowed us to pretend their bookstore was a library for a few hours!)
We spent one afternoon recording the sound files for the video, and locating some royalty-free music we could use for it as well.
I spent one evening teaching my son and his scout troop to sew the bags they need for a week-long Trek this summer.
I spent one afternoon/evening (continuing late into the early morning) helping my daughter navigate through technical difficulties with the video-editing software as she put her presentation together.
I took time to attend an awards ceremony with my son, as he was recognized for his academic achievements this year.
And I entertained a houseful of little girls overnight, as we celebrated my youngest daughter's birthday with a pizza, movies & makeovers slumber party. (Complete with homemade build-your-own pizzas
and my failed attempt at making an ice cream cake - it was supposed to be a giant cupcake, but I couldn't get the cake to come out of the pan.)

I even got to visit my oldest daughter's class when she presented her book report and the video for the LIBRARY JUMPERS project, and she told me I could post a clip here.
It's been a crazy, busy week, and I'm exhausted. But I don't regret a moment of the time spent with my family.
And I'm slowly getting back on schedule, but first I think I'll take a nap!
Update: I found out that I'm one of the lucky 150 to make it into the blog hop round of The Writer's Voice competition, so the Crock Pot Gourmet recipe I had planned for today will be posted on Saturday instead. Thanks for being so patient with me! :)


  1. Spoilers on "post a clip here."

    1. Aaack! Did I accidentally post spoilers? I'll go edit the clip right now! Sorry!!