12 March 2013

Book Review: ZOLOCOLOR by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi

I've always said that I write because I have a creative mind, but not a single creative bone in my hands. I can't even draw stick figures! But ZOLOCOLOR by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi is a perfect release-your-inner-child-artist escape for even the most artistically challenged. But the beauty of this book is that it's equally appealing to me, with my non-artistic hands, and my talented artist husband, Phil, who can create whole worlds in an afternoon.

This is a coloring book for all ages and skill levels, and it can make everyone feel like a real artist. 

You’re never too old, or too young, to appreciate the joy of a new box of crayons or freshly-sharpened colored pencils.  But sometimes, a traditional coloring book with its cookie-cutter pictures and conventional coloring rules just isn’t enough.  Glaser and Higashi have designed a book that is meant to encourage creative thinking and coloring outside, along and across the lines.  There are no words to this book, other than a brief paragraph which gives the reader permission to explore the space between black and white, finding patterns as they choose to follow or disregard the lines in, among and through the shapes on the pages of the book.  A series of black and white patterned pages provides endless hours of creative fun and imagination, and when you reach the end of the book, you’ll want to find a piece of paper to continue exploring the world of imagination on your own!

When I'm stuck on a writing project or need a way to unwind, I like to pull out a page from this book and let my inner creativity flow freely.

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