28 May 2012

I Am Insane

Update: I've completed the May Mid-Grade Madness challenge!! Actually, since I write my first drafts by hand and I haven't finished typing up my pages yet, I'm not 100% sure that I made the goal of 20,000 words in the 72 hours. But I finished my story, and with a little over 18 pages left to type up, I have a word count so far of 15,042. Averaging 250 words per page, I'd come out just under my goal, but so far, I'm averaging about 300 words per page, so maybe... :)

Just in case there was any doubt, I thought I'd put your minds at ease. Yes, I am completely insane.

Not only am I preparing for a move across the country in just a few short weeks (including tons of paperwork/interviews/massive amounts of red tape so that I can get medical clearance before my husband gets his official orders so we can start scheduling things like movers and housing at the next base), but I'm busy with all of the kids' end-of-the-school-year activities. I also agreed to make two of my recycled plastic knitted bags for my primary care doctor's nurses and I've promised several friends and family members that we'll get together for fun stuff before we move away. So I'm a pretty busy lady these days. No time for any extra time commitments. I have enough to do, thank you very much.

But, yeah. I'm insane.

Starting tonight, and for the next 72 hours, I will be participating in the May Mid-Grade Madness challenge from my local SCBWI chapter - to write a 20,000-word middle grade novel in only 72 hours. I've also promised that I will also participate in each of the eight challenges leading up to our next regional conference. And I'm still working on making the rounds in the Query Roundtable event, to comment on all of the entries. (I'll try to finish commenting on those entries this afternoon, before I start my 72-hour challenge.)

Do I have time for all of this? Probably not. Am I planning to scale back and let some of these extra challenges/writing activities go? Nope!

I'm a writer. It's in my blood. And by definition, that means I'm a little bit crazy. And I have to write. Even when it's a crazy time commitment and I have other things that I "should" be doing instead. My story pencils are calling my name, and I am compelled to answer them.

However, I will be letting all of the "non-essentials" go by the wayside this week. I won't be checking my email, twitter or facebook accounts. I won't be sitting in front of the television. I'm not cooking or cleaning. Laundry and dishes can wait. (My daughter made me promise I will stop to eat. - She even offered to pack a lunch each morning to put next to my writing chair so I won't have to stop mid-day for food. Only for a short dinner with the family each evening.)

Rest assured, on Thursday evening, when my 72 hours for the Mid-Grade Madness challenge have expired, I will take a break and check in online before I start playing catch-up on the conference challenges. I'll see you all on the other side! :)

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