26 September 2014

On Juggling All the Things...

I admit that once again I've been MIA recently. And it feels like I'm apologizing for that a lot more often than I should. So once again, I'm stepping back to take stock of my very full plate. And maybe let something go. Because I'm really good at balancing all the things ... usually. But lately, I'm feeling a little too unsteady in this balancing act, and I'd hate to have it all come crashing down around me.

So please be patient with me. And I'll be back soon, ready to tackle the (more streamlined) world!

In the meantime ... I unveiled my redesigned website today, and I'm kind of ridiculously in love. (My amazing in-house artist, aka my awesome husband, illustrated the home page!)

I'm still working on some of the pages, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the new look?



  1. It looks like your husband has been paying careful attention to your many juggling acts! Great guy! ;) Hope you get yourself all settled soon, it can be rough, I know.

    1. Thanks, Leandra! I'm working on making a schedule for myself, to include all of the things I enjoy juggling while giving myself permission to drop the balls that feel more like lead weights. And of course, my amazing husband is helping me figure it all out, with his amazing organizational skills. :)