27 September 2012

Book Review: THE MAP OF ME by Tami Lewis Brown

This morning, I get to spend some time volunteering at my daughters' elementary school library, and it's put me in the mood for a good middle grade novel. THE MAP OF ME by Tami Lewis Brown is one that I've recommended to several of the young readers I know, so it's perfect for this morning's review.

Twelve-year-old Margie feels small and insignificant.  Compared to Peep, her nine-year-old genius sister, who skipped third, fourth and fifth grades, Margie knows she’s nothing special.  But when they come home from school one day to find an empty house, everything changes.  Mom has gone, leaving only a hastily scrawled note on the back of an advertisement torn out of the newspaper – a note that says simply “I have to go.”  Margie knows it’s up to her to bring her mother home and save the day.  This is her one big chance to be the hero and save her family.  She decides that the ad on the back of her mother’s note has to be a clue, so she kidnaps Peep and steals her father’s car, determined to find the International Poultry Hall of Fame, where her mother is certainly searching for the last piece to her chicken canister collection. 

An endearing story about love and family and finding yourself, Margie’s quest will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered where and how they fit in. This book isn't just for girls who have lost a parent or those who feel overshadowed by a sibling. It's for anyone who has ever felt insignificant or alone in a crowd.

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