18 February 2014

True Love is Timeless

This week, to celebrate Valentine's Day, the members of Rachel Harris' Flirt Squad have put together a Flirtilicious Blog Hop.
I began the month full of excitement, counting down to February 15, when I'd decided I would post my installment of the blog hop. And on the morning of Valentine's Day, I sat down at my computer to write and schedule my fun and flirty blog post.

And then the news arrived that my 79-year-old grandmother had chosen to spend her Valentine's Day with her sweetheart. My grandfather died a little over a year ago, and we've all missed him terribly, but no one more than Grandma.

I remember, when I was a little girl, cuddling on the couch with Grandma as she told me about going to dances with Grandpa, and how he swept her off her feet.

She was only 16 (Grandpa was 17) when they ran off to get married. They didn't "have to" get married (no shotguns involved in this love story), but they were so in love that they didn't stop to think about the fact that they were much too young or that the odds were against them. They simply knew they didn't want to spend another day without each other. And so they didn't.

 Even as they grew older, and their health began to decline, they were an inseparable pair, full of life and imagination. (Grandpa even built a trailer to tow behind his electric scooter, so he and Grandma could still enjoy nature together.) It's no wonder Grandma was anxious to be reunited with her sweetheart this Valentine's Day. And so my Flirtilicious blog post is dedicated to the couple who taught me that true love can last forever, as long as you keep working to grow together.

Speaking of timeless love...

I have an excerpt from Rachel Harris' A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES to share with you:

I sit in stunned silence; my face presses into the warm comfort of his palm as the words you’re perfect wash over me again and again in spine-tingling waves.

Austin Michaels thinks I’m perfect.

And if that is true, then it has to mean he cares for me.

Drawing on every ounce of courage I’ve attempted to build within myself during this time-travel adventure, I grip the hard muscles of his arms and say, “But Austin, you did teach me. In the last ten days with you, I learned more about what it means to live than I have in the last sixteen years. But even more, you make me feel as though you can see all the tiny pieces of who I truly am inside, the real Alessandra that no one else knows—the woman who lives behind the girlish act of perfection I wear for the world. You may not agree with me all the time, and you exasperate me far more often than I’d like, but you respect me…and Austin, that means more to me than you’ll ever know.”

When I finish speaking, I realize I am trembling, but it’s not from the night air. In the distance, I hear the faint sound of music seeping from Lyric, but neither that nor the cars whooshing past just a few feet away on the street breaks the roar of silence between us.

Though I did not profess the full extent of my affection, I have no doubt Austin knows how much I care for him. And as his silence lengthens, I begin to think that perhaps I was mistaken. That he does not feel the same, and that he is now preparing to let me down gently. Pondering that thought, I fortify my heart for another man’s rejection, but even while I do so, I cannot regret sharing my feelings.

My faith remains in the truth I have fought so hard for my cousin to believe: the pain of not having Austin return my feelings may be excruciating, and it may not be worth the turmoil of heartache, but choosing to take a chance and living life always is.

Austin interrupts my somewhat dark and profound introspection by dipping his forehead to touch mine. And just like that, all thoughts are whisked away, and my senses are filled with the scent of mint.

With our gazes connected, we share a breath, one now sharpened with the same sting of awareness from the beach. My pulse quickens with the realization that this does not feel like rejection…this feels like desire.

And I’m so ready to experience another one of Austin’s kisses that I almost explode from the anticipation.

His darkened gaze drops to my mouth for a long moment, and the skin around it prickles to life, already tasting him. But instead of lowering his head and capturing my lips, he looks into my eyes. The fullness of my yet unspoken affection reflects back at me.

Then, with eyes so dark they blend into the night, Austin whispers, “I do see the real you, Alessandra.” He smiles. “And I think I’m falling for the girl I see.”

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Grandma and Andi (the main character in my upcoming debut novel, TWELVE STEPS) share a love of daisies, and Grandma was the queen of repurposing things that others would throw away to create beautiful works of art. So I thought it fitting to donate this daisy bracelet, handmade from recycled plastic bags, to the giveaway. Good luck!

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  1. A beautiful post, sweetheart. I adore you and my thoughts are with you.

    Hugs and Prayers