11 December 2012


THE PRISONER OF SNOWFLAKE FALLS by John Lekich is another book that's not actually a Christmas story, but goes right along with the themes of this season. It deals with themes of redemption and second chances, without coming across as overly didactic or preachy.

Henry Holloway is a thief. In fact, he’s a really good thief. Even though he promised his mother before she died that he wouldn’t ever steal. Even though his uncle, who thought he’d never get caught, is currently in jail. Even though he feels guilty every time he takes something. But Henry is hungry. And it’s not easy for a kid to take care of himself when he’s living on his own. So Henry compromises with his conscience. He tries not to take too much from any one person, he only takes food and the pocket change he finds lying around, and he tries not to ever steal anything that might have sentimental value for the owner. He’s not in the habit of stealing people’s memories, after all. But when he gets caught and sentenced to a juvenile rehabilitation program in the sleepy, little town of Snowflake Falls, Henry has a chance for a new start.

A rare Young Adult contemporary novel for boys, this book will appeal to the young men who aren’t looking for a sappy romantic comedy, but who might want a book that isn’t science fiction or fantasy.

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