02 February 2010

Dreaming with a Deadline

Wish me luck! I'm going to go for it! I've decided that I'm going to enter Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest for a chance to win a publishing contract! All I have to do is write a 300-word Pitch to submit along with my manuscript.

Easy as pie, right???

Well, not quite. I mean, I can write 300 words with no problem. Compared to an 85,000-word novel, 300 words is a mere drop in the bucket. The difficulty comes in knowing exactly what kind of "drop" to submit to that bucket!!

Have you ever tried to condense an 85,000-word story into a 300-word soundbite? Knowing that they won't even look at the manuscripts unless you make the first cut based on this 300-word Pitch doesn't help either. Yikes! This has to be an amazing 300 words!

The contest closes on February 7th or when they reach 5000 submissions, whichever comes first. Which means that I'm frantically creating on a deadline here - something that I never thought that I would do! I have this fear that I'm going to create the perfect entry and then find that I'm the 5001st person to submit my manuscript, which would be crushing, wouldn't it?

So I'm determined to get my Pitch written this morning so that I can send it off to my "creative consultant" by lunchtime. Then, he can rip it to shreds and make me feel like I have no business dreaming of publication until I stop feeling sorry for myself, realize that he's right and rework my Pitch into something worthy of submission.

Wish me luck! And be prepared to vote for me :)

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